A New Year and a New Decade

A new year and new decade are soon to begin. The first day of a new year always feels like a fresh start. January 1 has a way of causing us to feel like we’re dealing with a clean slate. 

A brand new year often sparks conversation of new year resolutions. Do you make them? Should you make them? I suppose there are many opinions when it comes to this topic. 

Many Begin…Few Finish

According to research, about 60 percent of us admit that we make New Year resolutions but only about 8 percent succeed in achieving them. If you want to witness how short lived new year resolutions can be, go to a local gym in January. In January the gym will be packed. Go to the same gym in March, and in comparison it will empty. 

Resolutions made at the beginning of a new year vary greatly. They often involve issues such as losing weight, smoking cessation, exercising more, and reducing debt. All of these resolutions would be worthwhile pursuits. 

New Year Resolutions are a Good Thing

2020 Goals

I think making new year resolutions is a good idea. These resolutions are nothing more than specific goals. Normally these goals involve self-improvement in some way or form. Now it’s hard to argue against the value of self-improvements. 

Goals are vital to success in life. Establishing goals helps give us direction and purpose in life. Someone once said if you aim at nothing you’re sure to hit it. You can set a goal and possibly fail. But, without a goal, failure is all but certain. 

Self-improvement is something you should always want to strive for. It is all about investing in yourself to better your life. Becoming a better and more well rounded person cannot help but positively affect those around you. 

The beginning of the year is an ideal time to act upon new goals. When you begin on January 1, it’s easy to remember when you started. There’s also something refreshing about starting a new year with a brand new focus and passion.  When you stumble and get off track at some point during year with your goals…and you will; don’t quit. Simply start again. 


Keys to Success in Accomplishing Your Resolution

There are some guidelines to follow when choosing your resolutions to ensure better chances of success. Make sure your resolutions are specific, measurable, and attainable. 

Firstly, they must be specific. Goals that are vague are destined for failure. If you want to lose weight determine a specific amount of pounds you want to lose. Goals involving saving money or reducing debt should specify a dollar amount. In terms of planning, ask yourself three things; what, why, and how. What am I going to do? Why do I need to do this? How am I going to do this?

Secondly, make sure your goals are measurable. There must be a way to determine if you’re making progress toward your goal. Write down the specifics of the situation when you begin and revisit and review those specifics periodically. Seeing and knowing you’ve made progress will keep you motivated and driven to continue. 

Lastly, make sure your resolutions are attainable. Be realistic in whatever goals you set for yourself so you’re not setting yourself up for failure. If you reach your goal prior to the year ending, then raise the bar. It may help to share your goals with a friend or relative so you have someone to keep you accountable. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Grow


I think people are reluctant to make new year resolutions because they fear failure. New year resolutions can be a good thing and shouldn’t be avoided like the plague. Endeavoring to better your health, finances, relationships, or life in general is always a good idea. Personal growth takes patience, diligence, and determination. In the long run, you’re worth it; don’t you agree? 

If you have some thoughts or ideas about new year resolutions you’d like to share, I’d love to read them. You can share them in the comment section below this blog post. 

I hope and pray 2020 is your best, happiest, and most prosperous year ever. 

Thanks for reading!

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New Year Resolutions – A Fresh Start With New Goals
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