Refocus to Clear Up Life’s Picture

Refocus and the entire picture becomes clearer. Sometimes in life you have to refocus to see the whole picture. Do you remember those crazy Magic Eye posters and pictures that were popular back in the 90’s? The Magic Eye pictures were art images called stereograms. Stereograms are 3D images of art. When first looked at they appear to be nothing more than a meaningless and confusing mess of squiggly lines and shapes. Hidden within the montage of lines, shapes, and designs, are 3 dimensional images. The images seem to almost jump off the page when looked at properly.

Learning To Refocus

Learning to refocus your eyes in order to see the hidden beauty of stereogram artwork requires practice. I remember the first few times I looked at a stereogram trying to see the awesome hidden images. I could not even begin to see anything in the mess of lines and patterns.

Soon I learned I was looking at it wrong. I was looking too hard at the obvious details. What I needed to do was look THROUGH the picture to see the hidden beauty of the art. I learned that I had to relax my focus and look at it as though I was trying to look through to the other side of the image. Once I learned to do that, I began to see amazing 3D shapes start to emerge from the artwork. Some stereograms are really beautiful when looked at properly.

Try to Refocus To See The Beauty

Here is one for you to try for yourself! Below is an example of a stereogram. There is a little bit of beauty in the picture that is apparent when you first look at it. Look long enough and refocus your eyes and images will emerge. You will see there is a great deal of detail and beauty that was not initially obvious.  

Relax your eyes and look THROUGH the picture. Can you see the hand?

Thinking back on those days of the stereogram craze and trying to learn how to view the artwork properly, a thought occurred to me. There was a lesson hidden in that experience that applies to life.

The Hidden Beauty in Life

We are designed and created by God the master artist. Our lives have hidden treasures and beauty that we often fail to see. Often our focus is wrong, and we are not looking at the picture properly. Too often we get too caught up focusing on the obvious details of our life. Much like the stereograms, our life seems chaotic and distorted. We fail to see the hidden beauty in our life.

Many times we spend too much time focusing on the problems we are facing at the moment. Too often, we focus on family problems, problems at work, and our dreams that have yet to be fulfilled. Our stress leads us to a life of discouragement and disappointment. We must learn to refocus and not be so busy looking for the obvious positive details in life. Sometimes in life, we have to look deeper. We have to refocus our attentions and look at the big picture.

Learn to See The Bigger Picture

Even in the midst of a life of stress, turmoil, and confusion, there is a bigger picture. Even when the artwork of our life seems to make no sense, there is underlying beauty to behold. We must learn to refocus our eyes.

I am reminded of something in the Bible the Apostle Paul said in the Book of 2nd Corinthians. In 2nd Corinthians 4:18 the Apostle Paul said, “So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.”

The problems and trials we face today are sometimes the most obvious details of our lives. But, rest assured they are not going to last forever. Continue trusting God and get our eyes off of your problems. Focus your eyes on God and you will see hidden beauty in your life you’ve never seen before. Just like stereograms, we have to refocus from the things that can easily be seen to the things that cannot be easily seen. There is hidden beauty in your life you may be missing. But, you must learn to refocus your eyes in order to see it.

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Learning to Refocus in Order to See the Hidden Beauty in Life
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