It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Life

It’s never too late to change your life. We’re just a few days into a new year. A new year always brings about feelings of having a clean slate. Many choose to create New Year resolutions with plans on reaching goals they have set. It’s always good to create goals and strive to achieve them. Someone once said, “If you aim at nothing, you’re sure to hit it every time”. You have to have goals in order to have success in life. Sadly, many think because they’re older or even in their golden years, it’s too late to change their life. It’s never too late to become what you may have been. 

Personal growth can occur at any age if you simply decide to make it happen. What positive changes would you like to see in your life? If you can define a few goals you have not begun to pursue, start today! What are you waiting for? It doesn’t matter how difficult or bleak your situation may be. It doesn’t matter where you start. What matters is that you start. 

Change In Life Can Be Scary

Change in life can be scary. If you want to change your life you have to change your actions. Insanity is defined by some as doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. Changing your life can be scary because it requires going into uncharted territory. You have to do things you’ve never done before. That can be scary. That’s ok. You can do it. Whatever it is you want to achieve, the only thing stopping you is you. 

Learn To Become A Kinder Person

You can choose to be a kinder person. This should be an easy goal to achieve, but we often make it difficult. Simply consider the feelings and needs of others. Put yourself in their shoes. When you do this you will better understand their struggles. Be quick to compliment when a compliment is due. Seek out others who need help and help them if you can. Kindness to others reaps a harvest of kindness towards you. You always reap what you sow. 

Commit To Getting Out Of Debt

If you’re in debt and need to get your finances in order, start today. Don’t wait. Make a list of all your debts and a list of all your income sources. Create a budget. It’s never too late to begin improving your financial situation. One of the best resources I can suggest to help you in this area is any material from Dave Ramsey. His book Total Money Makeover is one of the best books available on getting out of debt.  You can find all of Dave Ramsey’s resources on his website at

It’s Not Too Late To Improve Relationships

Relationships are always worth improving. It’s never too late. Whatever relationships you have that you wish were better can be improved. The choice to improve them is yours. Rekindle old friendships. Make that phone call to that person who was once a great friend. Call your son or daughter who needs encouragement. Life is short. You can never be guaranteed you’ll have another chance to say the things to someone you should say. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to share your heart with someone. Doing so can bring about years of regrets. 

It’s Not Too Late To Improve Your Work Life

If you’re not happy in your career, move away from it! You may have to reinvent yourself, but that’s ok. What have you got to lose? Few things bring about stress in life like being in a job you hate. It’s never too late to pursue that dream job. If you find a job opening that seems like a good fit, apply for the job. What is the worst that could happen? You may not get the job, but you’ll never have a chance if you don’t apply.

Think about it. In a typical eight hour work day job, you are spending a third of your day at work. Over a lifetime working in a full time job, you’ll spend nearly a third of your life at work. That’s far too much time to be devoting to a situation that makes you miserable.

It’s Never Too Late To Get Closer To God

It’s never too late to get closer to God. God is always there waiting for you to come to him and place your trust in him. My Dad always used to say “If you’re not as close to God as you once were, you’re the one who moved.” Maybe you’ve made mistakes. That doesn’t matter; we all have. God isn’t mad at you. He loves you and is waiting for you to come back to him. It’s never too late. The Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 that God knows the plans he has for you. He has plans to prosper you and not harm you. He has plans to give you hope and a future. God has a specific plan for your life. Establish a closer relationship with God and you’ll soon begin to discover what his plan for your life is. He has great plans for you!

It’s Never Too Late

It’s never to late to change your life. You simplify have to make the choice to begin. I love the old saying “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” These words are so true. Every day can be the beginning of a new journey that will change your life. Why wait? Start today. It’s never too late to be what you might have been. 

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It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been
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