The 2020 Presidential Election Is Upon Us

The 2020 Presidential election is three days away. This is possibly the most important presidential election of our lifetimes. Much is at stake in this election. The multiple circumstances surrounding this election are unprecedented. We have an ongoing coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest in various cities, and allegations of political corruption. In my 57 years, I’ve never seen this much fear, uncertainty, and chaos occur during and election. I’d like to use this post to share some of my thoughts on this subject. 

I have already voted early as many reading this probably have as well. I won’t  say who my candidate of choice is nor will I use this post to endorse either candidate. If you have already voted in the 2020 Presidential election, regardless of your choice I applaud you. If you haven’t voted I urge you to do so on November 3rd. It is your right as an American citizen and you shouldn’t forfeit that right. Your vote matters. 

As I mentioned, much is as stake in this election. The future of this country is in the balance. It behooves us to do our homework and research the facts before we vote. You can not depend on any news media outlet to do this. Every news media has their own political biases. You have to look at past political records of both candidates. Find out what they have accomplished in their years in office. Don’t vote based on personality or whether you like the candidate. Vote based on their track record. A candidate’s personality doesn’t matter as much as the policies they want to impose. 

Unprecedented Voter Turnout – Your Vote Matters

At the time of this writing, an incredible and unprecedented 82 million votes have already been cast through early voting. That number is almost 60% of the total number of votes cast in 2016. That is amazing! If you have already voted, I hope you thought long and hard before voting. For those who have not voted yet, I’d like to take the next few moments to speak to you. 

Vote from your heart not your head. Don’t listen to your friends, your neighbors, the media, and especially not social media. Make up your own mind. Seriously ask yourself which candidate is pushing policies that are in the country’s best interests. Don’t just consider the next four years. Think about the possible ramifications over the next decade or longer. Political policies implemented now could affect this country for a very long time. Think about your children and grandchildren. What kind of America do you want them to grow up in?

I am a Christian. Because I’m a Christian, I consider what policies would best protect the rights, values, and morals of Christians in America. This country was founded on Christian principles. Even ” In God we Trust” is a reminder printed on our money. If you are a Christian, you must consider which candidate’s policies will best protect your religious freedom and liberties. Which candidate has policies that best align with your Christian morals? 

This election is far too important to vote flippantly and without intense research and soul searching. It’s not about the candidates. It’s about the policies. The policies are of the utmost importance. Which candidate will positively address the issues most important to you, your family, and your community?

Proud and Blessed To Be an American

I feel blessed to have been born and raised in the United States of America. It is by far the greatest country in the world. It’s of little surprise so many want to immigrate here from other countries. It’s the best country in the world. The freedoms we enjoy were fought for and paid for by past America veterans and Patriots. They fought bravely in past wars because they loved the USA and wanted to protect our freedom. These brave veterans fought on many foreign soils to ensure the freedoms we so value today. 

In closing, I again applaud you if you’ve already exercised your right to vote. If you haven’t voted yet, please do. This election is by far the most important election in our lifetimes. Your vote matters. Vote from your heart, not your head. Christians, pray and ask God to guide you in your choice. Don’t vote without educating yourself on the facts and policies that matter. The political climate in the next four years could change America forever. Choose wisely. 

Thanks for reading!

God Bless and May God Bless America!

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The 2020 Presidential Election – The Most Important Election Of Our Lifetimes
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