Navigating The Long Narrow Road To Success In Life


What is Success?

Success is something we all desire. What is success? If I asked a hundred people this question, I could get a hundred different answers. Because the definition of success is subjective to the person being asked, the answers would vary greatly. There is no right answer. What one person may consider being the pinnacle of success, another person may not consider being a success at all. The online dictionary at defines success as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; accomplishing one’s goals. With that definition in mind, we could conclude success depends upon what your goals are, and whether you have achieved them. My goals may differ greatly from yours, thus our ideas of success may be quite different.

Faulty Indicators of Success

Many people consider wealth, good health, and happiness to be success. I think Hollywood and the national media have distorted America’s definition of success. We see Hollywood stars and professional athletes living what we view as a glamorous and prestigious life. This sets the bar for our interpretation of success. Sadly in today’s society, success is often measured by how many numbers are in a person’s salary, the price of the house they live in, and the price of the car they drive. There are countless numbers of people that fall into the category of the rich and famous who are miserable. Money and possessions don’t always indicate success.  

My Definition of Success

I can tell you my thoughts of what a successful life entails. Success is living life with no regrets. Being able to follow your dreams with a passion, and knowing when I breathe my last breath, I have made a positive difference in the world; that is success. Someone once said we should live life so completely that when death comes like a thief in the night, there will be nothing left for him to steal. That’s the way I want to live. I want to leave this life with all of my cards on the table. I believe successful people are those who have discovered their passion and purpose in life and stay busy fulfilling that purpose. Everyone has a purpose in life, but few in life ever discover their true purpose. More times than not, the successful people focus on serving others and making  a positive difference in the world. 

John Maxwell’s Thoughts on Success

My wife and I are both big fans of John Maxwell. John Maxwell is an outstanding motivational speaker and life coach and has authored many books. He has spoken to business people, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders all over the country. He has a style of teaching and explaining fundamental keys to success second to none. Below is a video by John Maxwell on the question of what constitutes success. This video is an excerpt of The Success Symposium that featured John Maxwell speaking on the subject of success. I hope you enjoy this video and that it gets you thinking. I pray it renews a sense of urgency within you to discover your purpose and passion. When you do, get busy doing it and change the world! With no further ado, here is John Maxwell!

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