Mission Trip to Burundi Africa


Burundi Africa

In August of 2012, my wife and I were blessed to have an experience of a lifetime when we traveled to Burundi Africa for a 9 day mission trip. We were accompanied by two friends, Kelly Thoenen and Joshua Botello. Our trip was in support of The Cries of a Child, a missionary group based in the rural mountains of Burundi Africa.

The Cries of a Child  was established to help orphaned and abandoned children and vulnerable people suffering from poverty to be restored and given a hope for their futures. The projects of the organization directly target the spiritual and physical needs of children and the surrounding community through “The Village of Jeremiah 29:11”, located in the mountains of Bukeye upon 4 ½ acres of land.  The focus of the children’s village consists of children’s homes, a meeting room, clinic and trade school.  The long term goal for the children’s village is to make it self – sustainable through various trades and agriculture in-country.  All work and projects that are done  are founded on loving and caring for people, as Christ did.  

Many people have no idea where Burundi, Africa is, nor are they aware that Burundi is among the 5 poorest countries in the entire world. Allow me to share just a bit of data and demographics about the country of Burundi. 

The level of human development is very low in Burundi. The United Nations Development Program Human Development Index for 2010 ranked Burundi fourth from the bottom out of 169 countries. This poor ranking reflects the challenges that face Burundi’s social sector. Prominent among them are the high level of poverty, problems in the education sector despite noteworthy progress in recent years, HIV/AIDS prevalence and poor health. The country’s political and economic trajectory over the last two decades has deepened poverty, making a large number of people destitute. Before the war in 1993, 35% of the population lived below the monetary poverty line. The latest estimate reported that the poverty rate had increased to 68% in 2012, and there are no indications that it has declined since then.

I hope you enjoyed the video from our trip to Burundi. If you would like to find out more about the wonderful work being done by The Cries of a Child in Burundi, Africa, please visit their website at www.thecriesofachild.org