My Lunchtime Reminder From God

During my lunch break today at work, the onset of beautiful spring-like weather and moderately warm temperatures lured me outdoors for lunch. I decided to take advantage of the great weather, and stepped out onto the outdoor patio at work to eat my lunch. I must admit, the cafeteria’s patio at work is really nice, and offers a lovely view of the hospital’s pond and waterfall. During the spring and summer months, the pond is usually the hangout for numerous ducks, geese, and two or three beautiful swans. After stepping out onto the patio with my lunch, I chose a patio table in the sun to sit down at, and proceeded to eat my lunch. 

As I sat in the warmth of the afternoon sun enjoying my lunch, I could hear the faint yet tranquil churning and splashing sounds of the waterfall pouring into the pond. Off in the distance, I could also hear several geese squawking and chattering as they swam and played in the pond. I looked up from where I was sitting on the patio, and I could see two swans swimming gracefully along, seemingly without a care in the world. The sky above was a beautiful blue, with hardly a cloud whatsoever to obstruct the warmth of the sun. The entire scene before me during my lunch was picturesque and very peaceful. 

The Pond

The view of the pond from the cafeteria patio at the hospital where I work.

As I sat there soaking in the moment, an overwhelming sense of peace and thankfulness swept over me. I think in that moment, God began to gently remind me how truly blessed and fortunate I am. As I sat and relished the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings around me, it would have been easy to forget that what I was enjoying something that many will never have the pleasure to fully enjoy. I was reminded that there are many people who are either incarcerated in a prison, or are physically unable to get outdoors to enjoy a beautiful day like I was enjoying. There are thousands of others who are either deaf or blind, who would give anything to be able to hear the sounds, or see the tranquil beauty that I was taking so much for granted. I think sometimes, in the midst of dealing with the stress, struggles, and inconveniences that life sometimes throws our way; we forget how lucky we really are. When we are in the middle of rough and challenging places in our lives, we often can’t see the forest for the trees. We sometimes get so absorbed in our own problems, our own stress, and our own struggles, that we fail to be able to see and realize how blessed we actually are. 

After God finished reminding me of all the things I was taking for granted, I had to stop and say, ” God, forgive me for forgetting that even in the midst of the hassles, struggles, and frustrations; even when I at times feel like nothing is going my way; I am more blessed than I deserve. I am blessed, and it is all because you are a merciful God, and a God of love a grace.”

I have to say thank you to the ducks, the geese, and the graceful swans for working together with God their creator to remind me that I am blessed. Nature has a way of making you forget your troubles, and it causes you to be thankful for the good things in life. If you’re feeling discouraged, emotionally beat up, or stressed, get outdoors on a beautiful spring day…sit down quietly and wait. God just might speak to you words of encouragement and strength that you need to hear.

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