Don’t Let Logic Creep Into Your Faith

Virtually all Christians feel like they have at least a certain amount of faith. Every Christian would agree that it requires faith to even become a Christian. It is interesting that Christian people don’t seem to have a problem having the faith to receive the gift of salvation, which is one of the greatest miracles of God, but often find it difficult to trust God and have faith when it comes to other areas of their lives. I think one of the biggest mistakes that Christian people make when it comes to exercising faith in their Christian walk is that they either consciously or unconsciously mix logic with their faith. You cannot mix logic with your faith and expect your faith to be effective. Faith has nothing to do with logic or reason. When a person mixes logic with their faith, it is like mixing water with gasoline and pouring it into a lawn mower and expecting the mower to run properly. The gasoline ends up being so diluted that it does not have the ability to produce the desired result, which is a smooth running lawn mower.

Anyone that is a reasonably intelligent person probably also considers himself or herself to be a logical thinker and a person with common sense. What does being logical mean to you? To me, being logical is patterning your thoughts or the way you conduct your life based on a set of verifiable facts, or things that you have seen. For instance, a person would not consider it logical to place an open ice chest full of ice in the sun on a hot August day, and expect the ice to remain frozen. Nobody would consider it logical to stand in the middle of a busy interstate at rush hour and expect to avoid being injured.   Now I realize that these are some ridiculous examples. These are things that would be nothing short of stupid to do. My point is that nobody would do these things because we know based on previous experience, or what we have learned to be true, that the results would not be what we wanted them to be. Doing things like this would not be logical.

Now it becomes a problem when we begin to let our faith be limited by what we consider to be logical. When it comes to having faith to believe for things we are wanting to see come about in our lives, we cannot be dissuaded from believing something is possible based on anything we have seen before. When we do this, our ability to have faith for something is based on things we have seen or already experienced in our lives, or in others words, what we deem to be reasonable or logical.

Allow me to give you a compelling example of what I am talking about that is found in the Bible. In the 14th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, there is a story about a time when the disciples of Jesus were in a boat at sea, and Jesus was not with them. While the disciples were sailing, a storm arose and the sea began to get rough and the waves became frightening. At that very same moment, the disciples looked out onto the water and saw the figure of a man walking toward them, and they became afraid, fearing it was a ghost. They did not realize that it was Jesus walking toward them until Jesus spoke to them and said, “ It is me, don’t be afraid.” Then the ever-impulsive disciple Peter spoke up and said, “ Lord, if it is really you, bid me to come out to where you are.” With that, Jesus responded, “ Come.” Peter immediately stepped out of the boat. Now let’s think about this scenario. There was a storm raging at sea, and here is a guy that is making a decision to step out of a boat onto the water as if it were a sidewalk. Now that is what I call illogical. Doing that would seem to defy any level of common sense, reasoning or logic. To Peter’s amazement, when he stepped out of the boat, he began to walk on the water just as if he were walking down the street. He was doing something he had never experienced, and something that had never been seen before by anyone. Peter’s decision to step out of the boat was not based on logic; it was based on a trust in Jesus that he would keep him safe from harm. Within a few minutes of stepping out of the boat, Peter began to allow logic to creep into his faith. He looked around and saw the ominous waves crashing around him, and he became afraid. I can only imagine at this point Peter was saying to himself, “ Wow…. what was I thinking stepping out here? This can’t be happening!” He had started to apply logic to the situation instead of applying faith. As soon as Peter allowed logic to creep onto the scene, he started to sink. It was then that he cried out to Jesus, and Jesus grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

So, how does this apply to us? All of us have storms in our life that we are facing. There may be things that you want to do, but you are afraid you will fail. When you surrender to fear, you are held captive in the boat of doubt and logical thinking. It is only when you begin to realize that with God all things are possible, even when what you are believing for goes against all logic, that you can experience the greatest changes and opportunities in your life.

My wife Janet and I have witnessed seemingly impossible situations in our lives manifest into tremendous blessings. In June of 2009, we took a step of faith and started our own company, Cornerstone Medical Recruiting. When we started the business, we were way over our heads in personal debt. We had been very irresponsible with our finances, and had made several bad choices when it came to managing our money. Consequently, due to our credit history, when we attempted to obtain a small business loan in order to get started and have operating capital to keep us afloat until we made some money, we were denied. As a matter of fact, we were denied seven times! So, here we were…broke, no clients, and nobody even knew we existed as a business. One thing we absolutely knew was that we had to become better stewards of our finances and, we needed to put God first when it came to our money. The idea of us surviving as a business seemed unlikely. It seemed to go against all logic. Nonetheless, we had determined in our minds that we would not base our actions upon what we had experienced in the past, or what we considered to be logical. After all, we knew what the Bible says about faith. The Bible defines faith as the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. We definitely did not initially see any visible signs of success, but we knew God is faithful. On June 8, 2014, Cornerstone Medical Recruiting will be celebrating it’s fifth year of business. I can thankfully tell you that today we are free of all debt other than our mortgage, we never did get a business loan, we are STILL a debt free business, and we now have clients in over 40 states! Please understand, I am not telling you this to brag about anything we have done. All the credit and glory goes to God. We did absolutely nothing but continue to trust God regardless of what we saw, or what appeared to be logical.

My questions to you are simple. What is something you would like to see happen in your life? Is there a dream that you have that you are not pursuing because of fear? I would encourage you to not limit God by what seems logical or possible. The only limits God has are the limits our faith place upon him. Don’t let your faith become diluted with logic. If you’re going to dream…dream big! You will never experience the blessings you want to see in your life unless you step out of the boat of logic.

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