Giving Mothers Hope….This Mother’s Day and for the Month of May

I would like to take a few moments and share with you about how you can play a part in making a life changing impact in the lives of women and children in the country of Burundi Africa. The Cries of a Child, an organization that is focused on helping orphaned and abandoned children in Burundi, is in the midst of a fund rasing campaign to build a medical clinic in the rural mountains of Burundi, Africa. My wife and I have been working with this organization for the last four years, and were able to spend nine days with the team in Burundi last August. I can tell you with all certainty that this organization is doing an amazing work and is changing lives in Burundi for the better.

Mother’s Day is the celebration of motherhood and all of the joy and wonder that comes with it.  It is a celebration of every mother’s hopes and dreams for their children and the sacrifices of those mothers to make those hopes and dreams come true.

But imagine a world where, instead of joy and hope, motherhood is filled with danger and uncertainty.  This world exists today in Burundi, Africa, where 1 in every 125 women and 1 in every 17 babies do not survive childbirth.1  In fact, in many rural communities in Burundi, many women do not name their babies until they are around two weeks old.

Why are the infant and maternal mortality rates so high?  Because there is an urgent need for accessible health care.  In Muramvya province, population 300,000+, there is only one facility with a sonogram machine and the ability to perform Cesarean sections.  This hospital is serviced by a single ambulance covering 28 clinics.  There are no facilities that can support complications during birth in the outlying commune of Bukeye, population 80,000, which is over an hour away from the district hospital.  It is not uncommon for a mother in distress to wait over 6 hours for the province’s only ambulance to arrive.  By then, it is often too late.

The Cries of a Child is building a health center in Bukeye, which will provide primary care with a special focus on maternal fetal medicine.  We have cleared the land.  We are preparing to lay the foundation.  But we need your help.

You can give these mothers hope.  Hope that they will have access to affordable, quality health care.  Hope that they will have a better than 1 in 125 chance of surviving the birth of their child.  Hope that they will have a better than 1 in 17 chance of holding their precious newborn child in their arms.  Hope that they, too, can experience the joy and wonder that comes with being a mother.

Won’t you help us raise the funds to complete the construction of the health center?

  • Donate through our website –
  • Donate by mail – The Cries of a Child, P.O. Box 1349, St. Charles, MO 63301

Thank you for heeding the cries and giving hope, one child, one family, one village at a time.

[1] Statistics from The World Factbook,

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