The Dog….Truly Man’s Best Friend

I have been an animal lover all of my life. From the time I was a small boy, I was fascinated by the animals of nature, whether it be squirrels or rabbits that ventured into the yard, the neighborhood stray cat, deer that are seen in the woods, or turtles that showed up by the fishing pond. I love ALL animals. I always have. I suppose my strong admiration and love for animals is the reason I never took up the sport of hunting. I think if I ever had a deer in the sight of a gun, I would not be able to bring myself to pull the trigger. The first thing thought that would invade my mind is that I am about to destroy one of the beautiful creatures that God created. Please don’t get me wrong; I don’t criticize anyone who loves to hunt. I fully understand that hunting is very much needed to control the deer population. I understand that when the deer population gets out of control, there can be serious problems that include the deer doing damage to crops and personal property. I understand all of that. Hunting is a great sport, if that is your thing. I’m just saying….I can’t do it.

Me being the animal lover that I am, I have had pets all of my life. Going back to my childhood, I have had everything from guinea pigs, to turtles, to iguanas, to cats and dogs. I look back with fond memories of the box turtle that my Dad rescued from the side of the road and brought home to me one day. I quickly dubbed the turtle “Tommy.”  I would put him down in the back yard, and be really amused at how surprisingly fast he could scoot across the yard for a turtle! I remember the iguana I kept for about a year. His name was Yoshi, named after the Yoshi dinosaur character from Nintendo games. He was a fun and interesting pet until he escaped his cage one day and had an altercation with the cat. That altercation cost Yoshi his life. I remember how heartbroken my son Adam was. He was only about six years old at the time. We gave Yoshi a heartfelt burial by the side of the house. My favorite pet during my childhood was without a doubt my dog Toby, an AKC registered, purebred male Boston Terrier. He was a handsome boy. 

Many pets of many types and sizes have come and gone through the years, but I have become convinced that no pet can ever hold a candle to a dog. Dogs are incredible! Dogs are arguably the most loving and loyal pet you can possibly own. Sometimes I think we humans could take a few lessons from our loyal canine friends. I mean think about it…..dogs hold no grudges, they don’t choose who they will love according to the wealth or the social status of an individual, and they make their purpose in life pleasing their masters. Nothing upsets a dog more than when the dog realizes that his owner is very mad at him! Anyone who has ever owned a dog can attest to the fact that every dog has their own distinct personality, just like humans do, and that very much like people…they can display a variety of emotions. You can see the joy and happiness that overtakes a dog when you return from a day at work, or an extended vacation. I have seen a dog appear sad and seem to mourn at the death of another pet. Dogs are the closest thing to humans in terms of emotions that I have ever seen. Sometimes we dog owners forget that we go to work, have our social interactions while at work, we go to social events like parties and family gatherings,  and we enjoy the benefits of all the  various relationships that become a part of our lives….but our dogs only have us! We are the only world that our loving canine friends know or even care about!


Our canine family member “Gracie”

I have heard story after story that proved the loyalty and endless love a dog has for their owners. I have seen photos like the one below that have shown a dog refusing to leave the grave of their owner after the owner had died! 

Dog by owner's grave

Leao, a dog in Brazil, sat vigil at her owner’s graveside after fatal landslides in Brazil January 2011

Dogs are incredibly loyal. They don’t just love you when you are in a good mood or when you are acting in a loving way. They love you unconditionally! Why can’t we humans take a lesson from our canine friends? If you own a dog, I urge you to allow your dog to be in your house and be a part of your family. Your house and you represent the only world your dog knows! It breaks my heart to see someone keep a dog chained up outside in all types of weather! When you make the commitment to get a puppy, please realize that this is a commitment for the next 10 to 15 years…possibly longer. When you commit to caring for and loving a dog, you come to the realization that a dog is truly a man’s best friend!


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Don’t you just love dogs? 

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