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It is fairly safe to say that just about all of us can look back on our lives and realize that we have made mistakes and taken a wrong turn or two while navigating the road of life.  We all have had periods in our lives that we can look back on and wish that we had done something differently. The unfortunate thing about mistakes we make in life is that we often do not realize that our actions are a mistake until we have traveled many miles down the road of life and we have suffered many setbacks and unnecessary consequences as a result of our mistakes.  I can relate it to traveling in a car on a long journey down an unfamiliar stretch of highway. If you miss taking the correct exit, or you make the wrong turn during your travels, you sometimes don’t realize that you have traveled way off course until you are many miles away from where you need to be. Life is like that at times. We often fail to realize that we have taken a wrong turn in life until we get to the place in life’s road that our situation is so messed up that it becomes blatantly obvious that we have veered off course.  By that point, we have traveled months, perhaps even years out of our way down the road of life and possibly missed many of the right turn offs or exits, or in this case….many of the right opportunities and proper decisions along the road of life.

So, all of us have wandered off course a few times in our lives. Maybe you are off course right now and are just beginning to realize it. What do we do now?  Well I think the obvious facts are that mistakes cannot be undone. However, we can cease to travel in the direction that we are traveling and turn around. We do not want to dwell on our past because it cannot be undone anyway, but we do have to have the knowledge of where we started from and where we want to end up in life. The English born author and novelist Terry Pratchett once was quoted as saying, “If you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going. And if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably going wrong.” 

As you are reading this, if you are in a place in life where you have come to the realization that you have made a few wrong turns, and you have ended up in a place you don’t want to be….there is hope. I love what the Christian author Charles Swindoll said about this very subject. He said, “Fortunately Jesus didn’t leave [the disciples]-or any of us-without hope or direction. Where we fail, Jesus succeeded. The only one who as able to recognize and follow His purpose from the beginning was Jesus. He alone was able to obey consistently and please God completely. And His divine mission was to make a way for each of us to do the same.” 

All of us want to be certain that we are traveling down the right road for us, so that we can be confident that we will end up in life right where we need to be. Are you a little confused and perplexed as to where life’s road has taken you? In the Bible in Proverbs 3:5 is says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths.”  This is so true. If we will simply stop trying to figure out which turn to take on our own, and start trusting God to direct us, He will. God will never lead us in a direction that will harm us. One of my favorite Bible scriptures is found in Jeremiah 29:11 where it says, For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” The Bible also tells us that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. (Psalms 37:23)  Maybe you have traveled a few miles in the wrong direction, but it is never too late to turn back and start heading in the right direction. The sooner we realize we have taken a wrong turn, the sooner we can turn around and get our life back on the route heading toward the place we were meant to be. Ask God for direction….He will never lead you down the wrong path!

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