The Very First Christmas….A Christmas Poem


Way back on the very first Christmas

so very long ago,

there was no Christmas tree, no lights,

no wreaths or mistletoe.


There was only Joseph and Mary,

and Mary was soon to give birth.

The baby about to be born,

was the gift of God’s son sent to Earth.


Joseph and Mary had to head home;

because they had taxes to pay.

There was only one problem.

The couple had no place to stay.


There was no more room at the Inn,

So a stable was where they would rest.

There in the night under a star,

the world would forever be blessed.


Jesus was born on that very night;

sent from God our Father above.

The price He would pay one day on a cross,

displayed God’s Grace and His love.


Christmas was all about giving

right from the very start;

but life’s greatest gifts cannot be bought,

they are given straight from the heart.


The gift of God’s son on that first Christmas night,

is the gift that keeps on giving.

Without Jesus as part of your Christmas and life,

you’re alive but not really living.


Is there room in the Inn of your heart?

Make room for him today.

Remember the words that Jesus spoke,

I am the Life, The Truth, and The Way.


Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas!

Until next time,




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